On Monday, 16th June, the French start-up Transparency walked away from the FNTC Digital Trust Conference with one of five honours awarded by a top-flight jury.

The inaugural Digital Trust Conference was held in Paris by the Federation of Trusted Third Parties (FNTC) under the auspices of French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire, to create a forum for digital trust and to design new frameworks for the protection of data and electronic transactions in Europe. Other notable participants included the Minister of Finance and the French business confederation MEDEF.

Jury for the Trust in the Digital Economy Awards

Paul-François Fournier, Dir. of Innovation, BPI France (Public Bank of Investment)

Gabrielle Gauthey, Psd of the MEDEF Innovation Committee – VP Public Affairs, Alcatel Lucent

Olivier Mathiot, Co-founder and VP Marketing, Price Minister

Corinne Pitavy, Managing Director, Groupe Express-Roularta

Loïc Rivière, President of the French government’s Digital Industry Strategic Committee

Transparency received a Trust in the Digital Economy Award in the category of Practice Innovation. This award recognises “organisations that have helped promote innovative usage and best practices in security and digital trust.”

As the first startup to join the FNTC, Transparency is a Trusted Third Party that has been heavily involved in the development of standards, guidelines and procedures for managing the certification and traceability of digital data. Specialising in big data and intellectual property, Transparency certifies the online use of creative works, analyses and mines sensitive data in an environment of trust, and provides traceability throughout the entire data processing chain.

Transparency puts its R&D to work for right holders as well as digital service providers and institutions through its Securights Online and Securights Live services, the first of their kind in the world.

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