On July 1st, 2013, Magali Clapier will join Jean-François Bert’s team as the Development Director at Transparency.

Transparency specializes in international management of music copyrights in our quickly expanding digital age and is growing as rapidly as the industry is evolving. The company serves as a “trusted third party,” negociating between large internet platforms and copyright holders.
As of February 2013, the French copyright society Sacem and the video streaming platform Dailymotion have signed deals with the start-up. Transparency was a sponsor of the last World Creator Summit which was held in Washington DC (June 4-5th).

Magali Clapier, age 33, has previously produced events in France and the US at the Deputy Cultural Attachée (Embassy of France, Washington DC). She joined the French Music Export Office in 2005 to oversee the Classical Music Department and to increase developments and partnerships. She has been involved in the digital contents and services’ cluster Cap Digital, as well as heading digital aspects of the National Music Center’s project.