Transparency wins digital trust award

On Monday, 16th June, the French start-up Transparency walked away from the FNTC Digital Trust Conference with one of five honours awarded by a top-flight jury.

The inaugural Digital Trust Conference was held in Paris by the Federation of Trusted Third Parties (FNTC) under the auspices of French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire, to create a forum for digital trust and to design new frameworks for the protection of data and electronic transactions in Europe. Other notable participants included the Minister of Finance and the French business confederation MEDEF.

Jury for the Trust in the Digital Economy Awards

Paul-François Fournier, Dir. of Innovation, BPI France (Public Bank of Investment)

Gabrielle Gauthey, Psd of the MEDEF Innovation Committee – VP Public Affairs, Alcatel Lucent

Olivier Mathiot, Co-founder and VP Marketing, Price Minister

Corinne Pitavy, Managing Director, Groupe Express-Roularta

Loïc Rivière, President of the French government’s Digital Industry Strategic Committee


Transparency in MusikMarkt (Germany)

MusikMarkt – Februar 05-14
thema des monats // Der französiche Markt im Focus
“Ein anderer interessanter Vorschlag aus dem Lescure-Bericht war, dass Verbesserungen im Bereich Digital Rights Management notwendig seien und darüber hinaus die Etablierung. Ein anderer interessanter Vorschlag aus demLescure-Bericht war, dass Verbesserungen imBereich Digital Rights Management notwendigseien und darüber hinaus die Etablierung von Unternehmen, die diese Arbeit übernehmen könnten.
Ein solches Unternehmen ist Transparency, eine in Paris ansässige, 2010 von Jean-Francois Bert gegründete Firma, die eine digitale Infrastruktur und ein Team aufgebaut hat, dessen Aufgabe es ist, die Anwendung Anwendung von Online-Inhalten zu überwachen und die Daten den Rechteinhabern zu übermitteln.

Die Verwertungsgesellschaft SACEM macht sich aktuell die Dienste von Transparency zunutze, um die Protokolle der Video-Plattform Dailymotion zu zertifizieren.

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Transparency joins the Trusted Third Parties Federation

The French « Fédération des Tiers de confiance » (Trusted Third-Parties Federation) decided to set up, in 2013, a permanent incubator for building trust and Transparency was the first start-up chosen as a member in november 2013.

FNTC defines the digital trusted third party as “an actor building the trust in the digital environment. It is integrated, transparent, recognized by its peers and maintains strict confidentiality. It guarantees its interoperability with the other trusted third parties and a continuity of services beyond its own existence with the reversibility of its services. The digital trusted third party is committed to respect the existing regulation, standards and  labels. It constantly helps the technical developments and submits itself to regular transparent external audits”.

Transparency is  proud of joining the FNTC.