Transparency joins the Trusted Third Parties Federation

The French « Fédération des Tiers de confiance » (Trusted Third-Parties Federation) decided to set up, in 2013, a permanent incubator for building trust and Transparency was the first start-up chosen as a member in november 2013.

FNTC defines the digital trusted third party as “an actor building the trust in the digital environment. It is integrated, transparent, recognized by its peers and maintains strict confidentiality. It guarantees its interoperability with the other trusted third parties and a continuity of services beyond its own existence with the reversibility of its services. The digital trusted third party is committed to respect the existing regulation, standards and  labels. It constantly helps the technical developments and submits itself to regular transparent external audits”.

Transparency is  proud of joining the FNTC.

The « Lescure » report wishes to encourage or even impose the action of a trusted third party in France

With its “Culture-acte 2” report, Pierre Lescure wishes to encourage or even impose the action of a trusted third party between big internet platforms and right holders.

This look-through rule might be included in the upcoming codes of practice or sectoral agreements.

The Transparency service, which certifie Dailymotion reportings for french collecting society Sacem, is mentioned in the report :

Sacem and Transparency Partnership

Sacem built a partnership with the international rights management and trusted third party digital specialist Transparency.

With Dailymotion approval, Transparency sends monthly reports to Sacem concerning the exact number of views and the total stream duration for any official video included in the music channel in the French territory. The works are recognized by Transparency through a multiple process including the analysis of the metadatas included in any video, fingerprint, database queries and human back-office expertise.
By identinfying accurately each work, this groundbreaking allows to have easier reporting for the websites and to increase the precision if the distribution of royalties for Sacem. The first feedbacks and results of this test are very conclusive. Sacem and Transparency look forward to keep their efforts on other websites and platforms.

Transparency sponsors the 2013 World Creators Summit

Transparency is one of the main sponsors of the 4th  World Creators Summit that will take place on june 4th-5th in Washington DC, USA This woldwide event, organised by CISAC, aims at establishing a constructive dialogue, exchange ideas, debate diverse viewpoints and discuss the remedies linked to intellectual property and creative content online with all…

Aurélie Filippetti (French Ministry of Culture and Communication) at Transparency’s booth at Midem 2013

Aurélie Filippetti came to our stand to meet us at Midem in Cannes on Sunday Jan 27th. The French Ministry of Culture and Communication asked our CEO Jean-François Bert to know more about Transparency’s innovative service of certification of the usages of copyrighted works on the internet. During this meeting, Aurélie Filippetti highlighted the importance…